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New Player Bonuses For Covens

Posted on 06-Jun-2019

New Player Coven Bonuses

New players today are the future high paying blood kills of tomorrow. Today, I'm setting out an initiative to make new players more of an asset than a liability to covens to help them kick off their Reign Of Blood journey.

For the first 60 days new players will be able to enjoy the below bonuses, and the bonuses they'll give to the coven's they are in:

- They will earn the coven a full 10 war exp when attacking players not in a coven
- They will earn in-game money $ for completing the Quest 1: Death, Quest 2: Death+ and Quest 3: Feeds coven quests (not taken from the coven)
- They earn triple coven exp for the coven for completing the Quest 1: Death, Quest 2: Death+ and Quest 3: Feeds coven quests
- They can earn conflict Exp from attacking players who cannot be attacked (under 7 days, explained below)

These updates mean I have to make some changes to the new player protections. Right now, you cannot be attacked in your first 7 days. This will have to change. So, these changes have been made:

- Only players under 60 days old can attack other players under 7 days old. Thus allowing (as stated above) new players to have more targets for conflict exp
- Free VIP heal will be given to new players for their first 7 days, regardless of their VIP status
- Removed the 7 day and rank 5 requirement to earn or pay conflict exp
- Also, because Brawls are separate, the 7 day and rank 5 requirement for earning or paying out brawl exp has been removed. So now everyone pays and can earn brawl exp in the brawl arena

This will all be made clear on the coven and conflict guides, as well as the new player tutorial.

New Player War Coven Exp Bonus

Finally, get a coven exp bonus on the end of the week top war scoring covens if you have had newer players help you in your wars this week. View the war guide for a breakdown.

Gravemarket Notice

The Dead City Gravemarket has been Reign Of Blood's (accidental) beta product. Sadly, it's time for the Gravemarket in its current form to be retired. This is your 1 month notice to sell your shares and get your money out. Click here to sell your shares.

SV/VH Boosts

Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June, your first 500 hunts at Spring Valley will yield double blood and the first 100 feeds at Vadenhill will yield +50% Blood.

Once these new player updates have settled in, I'll be increasing my advertising spend to bring in lots of fresh new blood.



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