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New Reign Of Blood Merch

Posted on 19-Dec-2020

Merch has been something people have suggested to me quite often over the past few years. However, being based in the UK when most of our players are abroad makes the shipping of physical merch quite a difficult and expensive task. For a time I did offer wristbands because they were cheap to ship, but I couldn't do much more. In the past, services like Cafepress were garbage so I never went full throttle with it. That changes today though, thanks to a little push.

I am excited to introduce the new Reign Of Blood merch store! It's fully stocked with tshirts, hoodies, cushions, towels, mugs & more. A few examples of what's on offer is displayed below. I think you guys are going to love the mugs.

There's a merch page setup on the Buy VIP/Plasma page to view the products on the game. On the game page you'll see some photos from samples I have with me (hover over the links on the guidance section).

View Merch List In-Game >>>

Or you can go directly to the external store where you will make your purchase.

View Merch On External Store >>>

There is a code 10off for 10% off your first order to celebrate.



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