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New Reign Of Blood News Blog Location

Posted on 24-Mar-2017

Greetings, vampires!

As you can see, the game news blog has moved and given a new look. For a long time I've used Google's Blogger system, but I think it's time we grow up and use our own. The main reasons I've decided to code and host my blog for the Reign Of Blood game news announcements are:

  • Total flexibility over the content

  • Easier to share over social media

  • Fully mobile friendly

  • The ability to leave comments using your Reign Of Blood account

  • Search engines love dynamic content so it'll improve our rankings

  • Never have to leave the domain

  • So all future game news announcements will direct you here in the /news folder of the domain. You can easily leave a comment below using your Reign Of Blood account if you're logged in, something that the Blogger system really lacked.

    I hope you like it!


    Lazarus Nazarian™ (65182) : This is way better.
    Awesome (254441) : Test
    DarkAsh (1) : It sure is!
    POISON (638471) : Well done!
    Lovisa Sangrian (341667) : I love it.
    Rowan Vieux (680995) : 10/10
    Benjamin Delacruz (606515) : Love it.
    Azzazel (438612) : *Thumbs up!
    Amayia Nyx Cojocaru (677073) : already liking it for the fact it doesn`t take me to a page with a blinding white background
    Alyona V.C. Dílseacht™ (475381) : Spiffy
    Raphael Farron (101541) : Woohoo!
    Dreamweaver (248485) : Yes, this is so much easier to leave comments etc. BIG thumbs up Ash.
    Polonium R Reinhard© (350288) : So much easier to use especially when on mobile, epic Ash! Love it already.
    Roman Minchenko (406175) : Lot easier to leave comments and it`s cleaner.
    DarkAsh (1) : I am glad people are preferring it!
    Esmay LaVey (701990) : Awesome! Looks nice!
    Siris `Paen` Misery Nyght (439199) : Hell yeah! Well done.... Great work, Ash....
    †Starr.Salvatore™† (511237) : love it
    M u s e ™ (179980) : This looks way cleaner, leaner and `meaner` ;D And agreeing with Nyxie, the page isn`t blinding me. ^^
    Elisa Maximus (707356) : this is so much better to read on mobile! love it!
    Malikada Stormlighter (184345) : Ha! I love it. This I will most definitely comment on. I likes it. I likes it a lot!
    Saizo Zabójca V. Coba (651161) : This I can handle.
    Angel Hellsing (230121) : Nice well done
    †Blair†Gremory†Deyanira† (686346) : I like this XD
    Meriedi HelsUsi© (680310) : Wow o.o
    HerziusLegion (712845) : And this improves the ability to keep up with active users as well.
    † RiZZY † (221897) : Blog advancement, onward!
    Blackwidow Tsu Night-Shaw (379559) : So cool Ash!
    () : much better

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