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New Rewarding Statue Offering RP Feature

Posted on 23-Oct-2021

New Statue Offering RP Feature

A while ago, we sprung some extra life into the Work Place by adding an RP story element where you could generate a character and write a little story each day. In return you can earn some QP and Vitality. Today, we're taking it one step further by giving the same treatment to the Dead City Statue. Thank you to Rozzy for the suggestion, and Val - one of our RPCM members (which by the way you can apply for) - for bringing this to life. They've come up with a storyline and RP generator for the Dead City Statue.

As if compelled to join the woman at the pool's edge, you take a knee and meet her eyes in the water's glassy surface, and the voice of eternity whispers in your thoughts. Offering a choice, for good or ill. Her voice is commanding, and singular, but it echoes like the whispers of many. "I desire tribute, fledgling," she tells you, "Bring me what I ask, and your offering shall be rewarded."

You'll be prompted each day to post your offering after you pray for your daily alignment. In return, you'll earn the same QP and Vitality you get for posting your Work Place RP story. You can of course take full advantage of both RP features by posting in both Work Place RP and Statue Offering RP every day.

Click here to check out the new statue >>>

Halloween Blood Thirst Opening Date

The Halloween Blood Thirst is near! I can confirm you'll be able to enter the Blood Thirst starting Sunday October 24th. You must join by the end of 27th (game time). It's going to be a bloody rewarding battle, I hope you decide to join in!


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