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New Subscription Pack Tweaks + Promotion

Posted on 02-Jul-2019

I've offered Reign Of Blood subscription packs for some time now, and as I was going over my to-do list I have a note to revisit the subscription packs. Having looked over it, I'm happy and grateful to report that we currently have a record amount of subscribers to our subscription packs.

The subscription packs cover most of what you need during the month and takes the effort out of it. They keep you in VIP/VIP+, but our most popular packs are the RED packs which give you the ability to buy any other game store packs you desire during the month.

New Couple Packs & Layout

I've been asked a few times to add a monthly subscription pack for couples. So today, I can happily announce two new VIP monthly subscription packs which give VIP/VIP+ to both you and your in-game spouse.

I have also updated the layout so it's a little more compact and easier to read and compare the packs that's available.

July Promotion

As an extra thank you to all those currently subscribed, and incentive for others to signup, I will be giving away 300 Teal Vials randomly to all subscribed vampires on the 31st July. So make sure you signup before then to be in the chance to win.

Check out the Reign Of Blood subscription packs now >>>



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