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Plasma Updates & New Boons

Posted on 17-Oct-2017

Hello everyone! Hurricane Ophelia has moved away from the UK and has caused minimal damage my end, although Ireland did get hit pretty bad. I hope our Irish players are safe.

Today I have been focusing on some Plasma related updates. It's been a while since I've touched our precious Plasma, but thankfully today you will get to enjoy some updates.

Plasma Shop Update

The Plasma Shop at Dead City has been given an enhanced look to make the experience cleaner and the options available more clear.

New Plasma Boons

To start off, we have 8 new Plasma Boons. They include Custom PvP Battle Verb, which allows you to replace the 'killed' text in the news of your victims. Message For PvP Attacker, which leaves a quote from you when others attack you. Auto Start Daily Quests, which automatically on the midnight reset activates all your daily quests without any action required by you. Auto Start Coven Quests, which does the same but with your Death and Feed quest (as you cannot activate Death+ until you've completed Death, only Death is activated, but when you collect your Death quest, Death+ is automatically activated.) Hide NPC Battle and Hide Pet Battle, which works like the hide PvP battle boon but for NPC and pet battles. Default Stat Choice, which allows you to keep a default stat on the AP and Gym pages. And Blog Vanity, which allows you to have your blog title a custom colour.

For these new Boons which are customisable options, you'll find a home for these on your account page.

'The Daily' daily quest Plasma boost

'The Daily' daily quest rewards you further for completing the other daily quests of the day. And just like the Plasma Missions allow you to complete a game task to get slightly better value (2QP vs 3AP) from your Plasma in a capped way, you can now claim your 'The Daily' quest with 1 Plasma a day to get 2 extra QP for your efforts.

Halloween is just around the corner, I can't wait!


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