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Privacy & TOS Updates

Posted on 20-May-2018

Terms Of Service

As I have been working on the privacy policy, Darion & I have gone over the TOS. We've cut some bits out, merged some things and generally tied it up. There have been no major additions or eliminations from the TOS, however, over time we will be phasing out the 13 year old minimum age requirement for the game. Reign Of Blood will become a 16+ game in the near future. We understand there are plenty of 13-15 year olds playing the game, and we do not desire to just kick you out. From now on, new players have to agree they are 16+ when they sign up. When the time comes and we do the final change, any current minors (should there be any) may continue to play with the understanding that the game is rated 16+, but we may require parental permission. We have provided a forum post for Online Safety Practices which will be available at any time for advice. More information will be provided and announced at a later date.


The Reign Of Blood privacy policy has been updated due to the GDPR. GDPR, for those who don't know, comes into force this month, which is new EU legislation for sites and services to make clear how data is collected and used. All websites that have visitors from EU countries will need to take these steps–they're breaking the law if they don't. You will find a new section on your account page which links to some of these features.

The Reign Of Blood Privacy Policy has been updated to reflect these new laws. In summary, we only collect the data we need for you to play Reign Of Blood, we have no desire to collect data we don't need. An overview and emphasis on some of the policies include:

- We will never sell, give, or rent the little data we have on you
- Installing new rights to see and remove your data
- Full details of the little data we collect, and how it's used
- New secure password salting

The Details

If you're still with me, then I'll go through some of the things that have changed in regards to the privacy changes in regards to GDPR. There are other things I have done that are not required, however to keep the database and game up-to-date, I have made some further complimentary changes.

Password Salting
Reign Of Blood passwords have always been hashed (encrypted). So if anyone gained access to the database, they wouldn't be able to see your password. They'll just get a long string of gobbledygook (for example the password "password" would hash to "5f4dcc3b5aa765d61d8327deb882cf99'). Most websites store your password this way. I cannot see your passwords either, but hashing this day in age is not quite enough. The reason for this is because if two people have the same password, the hash string would be identical. And even though you cannot see what the passwords actually are, you'll see they are the same. There are some sites out there which lists the hashes of common word and letter combinations, and a simple hash string search could reveal your password if they have it stored. This is often why you get asked to use passwords with uppercase, lowercase, punctuations etc. You should still be doing that, and using a different password for each site you use.

However, I am taking this opportunity and taking your password security one step further and introducing what's called salt hashing. What that means is each player has there own unique string of alphanumeric characters which is attached to your password, along with another unique string of characters in the code. Those 3 parts make up your password, and then that is hashed. So even if two people have the same password, the hash would be completely different. You will not notice anything different on your end. You won't even know the extra security is there. A little overboard maybe for an online game, but security is no joke!

Facebook Login
After the Cambridge Analytica Facebook scandal, people are a little bit wary of data–especially in regards to Facebook anyway. You have the option to login to Reign Of Blood using your Facebook account. What happens is we grab your Facebook email, create an account with that email and then log you in. You can then use that button again to login to Reign Of Blood as long as you're logged into Facebook without having to type any passwords. Facebook by default asks your permission when first using our Facebook app to give us consent for a range of data. It will say something like "Public data which includes name, age, gender, email, friends list" etc. The only three pieces of data we grab and store from your Facebook account are ID, email and gender. These are used to create your account and set your default character gender.

IP Address & Browser Data
The last two pieces of information we collect is your IP address and your browser data. Your IP addressed is used for 2 things. Firstly, it's used for anti-cheating functions, and secondly it's used to see what country you are playing from (this is required by law for VAT purposes). We also use your browser information (which includes browser, OS, device, screen resolution) which is used to monitor browser usage. This is so we can know what browsing methods are being used so we can test and make sure everything works as it should on all devices being used.

Advertising/3rd Party
Non-VIP players have ads displayed around the game, we currently only use Google Adsense to supply these ads. We do not pass any information to Google, and you can opt out of Google's targeted ads and view their policies which is linked on our privacy policy. We also offer the in-game currency of RED for filing out surveys and offers at the Dead City Survey Center. You are in complete control what data you pass to them, we do not pass any of your data ourselves.

Right To See Data
You have the right to see what data we hold on you, to do this you must begin the formal process as described in our policy.

Right To Erasure
You have the right to remove your data from Reign Of Blood, so a new option to request this has been made. Your account will be checked over for cheating activity, if any are found, all linked accounts will be jailed and currency removed. If no cheating is found, all data besides your email address (which must be kept for malicious activity purposes and to confirm a relationship existed) will be removed from our systems. You will be sent an email to confirm this. However, when you log back in, the data outlined in the privacy policy will be collected once again.

Disclosure Of Your Information
There are only two instances where we will share the little data we have on you with another party. In the event that we sell the website or assets, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the prospective buyer of such website or assets (which I have no desire to do), or if required by law.

Cookies get such a bad rep as most people associate them with tracking. I have no desire to track you, and I only set one cookie on your browser, and that's the cookie that keeps you logged in which is based off your account email address.

As you know, we offer in-game packs which can be bought with real money. We use third party payment providers to handle these payments on our behalf securely. We do not see or store your credit/debit card details. You can view the privacy policy of all our payment providers when you initiate the payment before pay for your packs.

I hope everything is clear, but if you have any questions please get in touch. You will be asked to agree to these new terms when you next login, as I'm legally required to do when there is a major update to it. So if you want to read the policy in full, links will be provided.


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