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Reign Of Blood 15th Birthday Blood Thirst

Posted on 20-Apr-2021

Reign Of Blood is turning 15 years old on the 27th April, so we're going to have a Birthday Blood Thirst - with some changes! Blood Thirst is a constantly evolving event. I like to try new things, take on feedback, and adjust things accordingly. This Blood Thirst will use the daily system that was tested on the previous one. This means that the wins/blood/vigor scores are earned each day of the Blood Thirst, and the total scores tallied at the end. This Blood Thirst will be 2 days long. Also, starting from this Blood Thirst, these changes will be active:

- Reduced the amount of teams there are from 5 to 4
- 400 PvP Wins (rate of 200/day) is required to get any rewards at the end
- Achievements list cannot be claimed during the active BT hours
- The live scores will be displayed on the final 6 hours of each day only for that day
- All rank requirements and minimums removed

You can now enter Blood Thirst, and must do so before Sunday 25th April game time begins.
Click here to enter Blood Thirst >>>


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