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Reign Of Blood 17th Birthday Blood Thirst Bonanza

Posted on 26-Apr-2023

On Thursday 27th April Reign Of Blood will turn 17 years old. Last year, we celebrated RoB's sweet 16, but this year, turning 17 (at least in the UK) means that RoB can now get a provisional driving license and is allowed on the road!

Blood Thirst

A driving-themed Blood Thirst will take place Monday 1st May and Tuesday 2nd May. You must join by the end of the day on Saturday 29th April to take part in this huge competition with tasty prizes.

April 27th Crazy Boost Day

Thursday 27th April happens to be all-out coven war day, which means things get heated as is. I'm taking it to the next level and things are going to get SUPER HOT. During the day, all vampires will receive:
  • Double Turns

  • Double PvP Blood

  • Double PvP Coven Exp

  • Also on the 28th, 29th and 30th, they'll be some other boosts as well you can check out on the Calendar until Blood Thirst arrives.

    Birthday Special

    Starting right now until the end of Blood Thirst on the 2nd May, a whole bunch of VIP & Plasma special packs will be available for you to enjoy.

    On a more serious note, I cannot believe it's been 17 years. I know that many love RoB because of my commitment and stamina giving you the reassurance that you can put time into a game knowing it's going to be here for the long haul. Thank you for continuing to support the game!


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