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Revisited: Auction Market (Part 1)

Posted on 30-Jul-2019

New Auction System (beta)

The Auction Market is going to get updated in a couple phases. Due to the nature of the changes - which will be outlined here - I don't want to implement it all at once. For now, these changes have primarily been focused on Plasma for $ listings. If successful, these changes will be implemented on all the other listings types.

New Maximum Bids

Previously, if you outbid the top bidder within the last hour of the listing, the listing would extend another hour to give the person who got outbid a chance to bid again. This was to benefit the seller to make sure that they were getting the best bang for their buck. Now, I have changed it to an eBay style bidding system where along with your bid, you can enter a maximum bid. If someone tries to outbid you but doesn't match the maximum bid set, they will have to keep bidding until they reach that amount. So when the timing for a listing runs out, it actually finishes and is no longer extended. Please note as of right now this is only live on Plasma listings.

No Resale Default

All Plasma listings will be no resale from now on, meaning that all Plasma bought can only be used and not resold. The previous trial period has been successful, with 93% of posted Auctions being chosen as no-resale, which has kept the general inflation a lot lower than it would be otherwise. I'd like to continue that trend.

Merged Listings

All related listings have been placed on the same page. So the Plasma for $ and Plasma for AP listings are now both located on the same listing page. To add a listing now, the flow has changed so you visit the listing you're interested in, and click the + Create Listing link at the top to be taken to that page. All auctions will be anonymous, too.

The Next Phases

I have started a forum thread to discuss these changes in more detail and the changes I plan to implement going forward. You can find that thread right here to see what's coming up and to have your say. I have posted a bunch of Plasma to for people to test this system and see how it works in real time.

Subscription Promotion - Ends July 31st

As noted in the previous news post, as an extra thank you to all those players currently subscribed to one of our subscription packs, and incentive for others to signup, I will be giving away 300 Teal Vials randomly to all subscribed vampires on the 31st July. So make sure you signup before then to be in the chance to win.

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