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Revisited: Blogs

Posted on 17-May-2021

While not a major game feature, blogs have long been an outlet for creative writings, expression of feelings, sparks of conspiracy, personal notepads, calls for attention, a way to share announcements, fun stories, and a host of different types of content. All of which the social vampires of the game absolutely adore. To those vampires, you'll love the new changes coming to blogs today.

New Look

Many of the blog pages has been given an updated look to bring it up to the standard of RoB's new look. You'll notice a few things moved around, but most importantly, your content now stretches the entire page.


You can now create up to 6 blog folders which your blog posts can be put into. When you create a blog folder, they will be displayed above your post list when someone views all your blog posts.

New Ordering Method

The old way to order your blogs was using the "^top" method, where you choose a blog and move it to the top. I have now changed it so you can manually position your blogs in whatever order you like. Click the ↕ icon next to any of your blogs to re-position them however you like. Your blogs may appear out of order because of this change, so it might be a good idea to make sure your posts are exactly how you want them. When you create a new blog post, you'll be given a new option to either automatically add that post to the top of your list (pushing all other blog posts down one) or slot it in at the bottom. Very convenient.

Thumbs Up

You can rate the blog posts themselves, but there's no way to give any sort of indication of approval to blog comments. So I have added a simple thumbs up function to each blog post that you can click for comments you approve of.

Extra Bits

I have added a new [game] category, and now all 10 categories have their own sort by lists on both the view all blog posts of each vampire and in the directory. I have also added a quick function to quickly link a blog to an RP character, and the ability to comment right on the blog itself.

Click here to check out your blogs >>>

I hope you blog lovers like these changes,

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