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Revisited: Forum Notifications

Posted on 13-Feb-2018

Pancake Fun

I shall start off by saying thank you to those who took part in the little pancake fun we've had over the last day. If you had "pancake" in your name you'll have an extra 3 QP, 10 RED, 2 teal Vials and a potion credit in your account now.

Valentine's Event

The Valentine's event, which includes the Reigning Couples contest, will finish at the end of the day on the 15th. So all hearts will count until the game strikes midnight 16th.

Forum Notifications

Forum notifications has been a thorn in my side for a while now. The system has for a while been glitchy for some users, most of which I am unable to duplicate myself. So, instead of patching it any further I have thrown the whole system out of the virtual window and coded the notifications again from scratch.

- The changes include a new compact look. All notifications now occupy the same area, so the RP subscriptions for example are no longer pushed to the bottom. There are option headers across the top where you can choose to just list the subscription list you want to see (good for those who have many).

- The total number of subscription you can now have has been increased to 50 from 25.

- When a thread has a new reply, it will jump to the top of list, so you don't have to scroll down.

- Put in a precaution (which I think was common before) when you viewed a forum you were subscribed to before seeing the "new forum post" notification, it would clear the "new reply" from your subscriptions. You would then see the "new forum post", click it, and be like "WELL WHICH ONE IS NEW? THIS IS BROKEN!!". So I've made it so the yellow "new reply" on the subscription page will now only go away when you view the thread from your subscription page.

- Put in extra precautions for thread ID clashes over multiple forum subscriptions.

- You can still subscribe to all new coven and house posts are made, those haven't changed.

What About My Old Subscriptions?
Sadly, it's not possible to port over your old subs into the new system. But, if you still want to be subscribed to any of your threads you were subscribed to before, don't fear! I've opened a temporary page that shows all your old subscriptions, and you get into each one of the threads and subscribe to them again.

I pray this rewrite and purge will obliterate any issues any of you were having with these subscriptions. Of course, let me know if you are having any teething problems.

Click here to view your new forum subscription page


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