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Revisited: Ghost Town

Posted on 10-Nov-2019

I'm super excited to share with you what I've been working on the last few months. And that is a rejuvenation of Ghost Town inspired by this suggestion. Ghost Town was the second location to be created for Reign Of Blood (way back in the day) which gave birth to the Portal many of you enjoy each day. The idea of Ghost Town was never to be more than exactly what it sounds like - a small, mostly deserted town, located to the south of Dead City. Vampires setup camp here mainly for access to the Landfill, which many of you are familiar.

Fast forward to today, and a new discovery has been made. The aftermath from the great battle of Greenwood was not handled well by the vampires at the time (which is a story for another time), and some of the dead were discarded, where Ghost Town was later to be founded. A huge section of the Ghost Town has now been quarantined off and dubbed The Graveyard, which is home to natural and supernatural creatures.

Revisited: Ghost Town

Ghost Town has been completely revamped. I won't go into too much detail here, as you'll get the opportunity to do the Spirit Training Course over there that teaches you everything you need to know.

In summary:
  • A brand new Graveyard exploration feature, where you can dig graves, capture souls & more

  • Daily hidden QP has also been added to the Graveyard

  • New locations such as Teal's Cafe, Spirit Chapel & more

  • New Ghost Town activity stats such as AURA which affects other parts of the game

  • The ability to eventually have a soul/ghost presence

  • You cannot enter the Graveyard until you have completed the Spirit Training Course, which will go over what you need to know about exploring the Graveyard.

    Other Things

    All the previous Ghost Town locations have been given all-new layouts up to the current standard, so they no longer look like they were coded in 2007. Also, an end of an era.

  • New Duration Quest: Son Of A Birch

  • New Duration Quest: Potion Mixer II

  • New Duration Quest: The Metal Man XIII

  • New Duration Quest: The Metal Man XIV

  • New Duration Quest: The Metal Man XV - Conclusion

  • 47 standard missions and 47 Plasma missions added relating to today's new features

  • Ghost Town “Town Hall” now named “Grim's Shack”

  • New equipment slots added for metal man and soul features

  • Two new Trik's potions added

  • Minion/pet section of profiles has been redesigned to allow for these new features

  • Two new Plasma Boons added. Soul Avatar, Robot Avatar

  • GT Profile Contest

    The RPCM team will be holding events to celebrate the opening of the new Ghost Town. To start with, a soul-themed profile contest where you can win Plasma and QP. Click here for full details.

    I'm super proud how this has turned out, and look forward to some of you getting some use out of it. I've started up this forum thread for bugs and questions about Ghost Town v2. There's also celebratory Ghost Town packs that's available for the next 48 hours.


    P.S. I apologise in advance for the Jukebox. I've always wanted to do something truly OOC and bonkers on Reign Of Blood - so there you go.

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