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Revisited: Minions

Posted on 07-Dec-2017

I woke up last week and looked down my list of my pending "Revisited" plans, and next up was MINIONS. So, I have spent the last week getting these updates done, so I hope you enjoy them.

New Look

I always start a good revisited project with an all-new look. We have a much tidier top section and a cleaner navigation which matches the overall look of the page. The minion exp bars have been updated to most recent images, and I've tided up the minion information sections.

New Minion Types

The biggest update to come to minions today is all new minion types. There are now a total of six different minion types.

1) Warrior Minions - Minions as you currently know it! Attacks in your PvP battles, and defends against other minions.

2) Defender Minions - These minions repel damage done to you in PvP battles.

3) NPC Minions - These minions attack NPC's in your NPC battles.

4) Hunter Minions - These minions give you bonus Spring Valley blood, and increased chance to grab a Vadenhill human.

5) Feeder Minions - These minions give you bonus Vandehill blood, and a chance to rejuvenate a juiceness when feeding.

6) Searcher Minions - These minions give you bonus cash in Greenwood, and increased chance of finding a hidden QP.

Warrior, defender and NPC all start with 1 in 20 chance of assisting like before -- upgradable to 1 in 5. You can use Minion-AP and your own AP to increase their stats. Hunter, feeder and searcher minions all start with the generous 1 in 5 chance of assisting -- no further upgrades that you need to buy! Only Minion-AP can be used (not your own).

What About My Minions?

All current minions will automatically be assigned as Warrior Minions. To buy and use the new minion types, head over to Petrik's shack (Via Portal) to buy them.

Other Changes & Clarifications

I have allowed you to use 6 of your own AP per minion level (warrior, defender and NPC only). There was a discussion some time ago that went into how it's really tough to catch up after neglecting your minion, and that I should let people use any AP they want on their minion to get it up to the 10% caps. Although I agree you should be rewarded for sticking with your minion over the long haul, as compromise I have bumped it to 6 per level from 3. I know that's not a big of a jump as people would like, but it's what I'm willing to do as of right now. Food packs have also had a slight cost increase based off your minion's level. Each minion can of course have its own bio and uploadable avatar at no extra costs. The minion public profile will now list all your minion types. Achievements list 5 achievement has been updated to specify that the minion level requirement is for a warrior minion, as well as Trik's potions and Power Hour. A new top warrior defence leaderboard has been added to the top vampires page, more leaderboards will be added soon.

Plasma Boons

I've added two new Plasma Boons. One increases hunger max of your minions a little bit and the other is a hunger notification to all the non-warrior minions bundled into 1 boon.

Petrik's Shack

Petrik's shack has been given a whole new look and now displays all the available minions for you to purchase. There is also an option to take your minions back to Petrik's Shack for a variety of activities which can increase the hunger max of your minions.

RP Minion Stories

To celebrate the release of these minion updates, I'm running a little contest where you are free to post a short story about your minion. Post your minion story to the Dead City Library and have a chance to win all sorts of prizes. There will also be rewards for all legit entries. Click here for more information.

I hope you like these new additions, for any questions, bugs or comments please use this thread.


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