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Revisited: Mt. Tilia

Posted on 26-Jun-2021

Starting July 1st, Pets at Mt. Tilia will be given some much needed love, a new look, and some quality of life additions.

New Look

Mt. Tilia has been given updated and more clean look to match the current modern aesthetic of Reign Of Blood. A few things have been moved around and some redundant sections removed. Public pet profiles have also been updated, which are available to view now.

New Equipment

We already have collars to increase your pet's attack, and armour to increase your pet's defence. Now you can use your Units to purchase shoes for your pet, which increases speed, and an Amulet which increases Life Max. You'll find these on the pet store starting July 1st.

Other Tidbits

- Increased chance of earning a unit in battle by 10%
- Battle back link now takes you back the battle list you were last on
- Stalemates now work correctly
- Reduced the 50 second wait to 30 seconds after losing a battle
- Attack countdown wait time now added to the top of the pet battle lists
- Pet battle news to include the owner of the pet
- Last killed and last killed by added to pet profiles
- Various bug fixes and general improvements

I hope you enjoy these changes starting in July,


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