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Revisited: NPC Werewolf Arena

Posted on 03-Oct-2017

I thought it was time I gave the NPC Werewolf Arena a bit of love. It is a feature that is used by most people every day, so I thought it was fitting I expand the feature some more today.

The Look

To save some space and make the general layout more compact I've moved some things up a bit closer, and also replaced the sea of links to change rank to a drop down menu. But also added up/down links each side to quickly navigate up and down the ranks from where you are. I have also added a new welcome page that gives an overview of the arena.

Co-Op Bonuses (Beta)

Feeding with other vampires gives you an adrenaline boost. So you can now host an NPC party, invite other vampire's to it, do your NPC kills and get extra blood and coven exp. Each party can have up to 5 vampires, and once you have your party ready, you can all go do your kills and enjoy the boosts! The first time you complete your kills with a full party, you get a collectible.

Finishes Comes To NPC

Finishing battles is a great way to get that little extra blood at no extra cost. Now, finishing has come to NPCs! After killing an NPC werewolf you now have the option to 'Finish Them' for a little bit of extra free blood.


Because we can now finish NPC's, I've added a bunch of regular and Plasma missions relating to NPC finishes.


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