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Revisited: Quests & List 12

Posted on 18-Jan-2018

New Quest Hall

I have spent A LOT of time going through all the quests, updating the grammar, explanations and overall tidying them up. In the process I made the decision to alter or remove some of the quests, for full information on that you can click here. I have given the quest hall a whole new look so now its easy to see all quests at a glance. I have adjusted the rank categories of the quests. Rank 1 has new introduction quests and the original quests now start at rank 5. Duration quests are now unlocked at rank 20.


At last all the standard quests are now available on mobile. You'll find them on the "OBJECTIVES >" tab.

New Quests

To go along with a new Quest Hall, we've got a bunch of new quests, too.

Rank 1
  • Finding your way home

  • A portal test

  • Out of order

  • A coven's help

  • Hidden links

  • Rank 200
  • Hate Maths II

  • Hate Maths III

  • My Peach

  • My Apple

  • My Pear

  • Terror At The Gym

  • Duration
  • The Metal Man X (Yay)

  • Wheel Winner IV

  • Wheel Winner V

  • Achievements List 12

    The new list has come a little bit earlier this year. List 12 is now available to work on throughout the year.

    I have setup a new schedule to make time to add more quests, as I have a quite a backlog of quest suggestions from players. So over time all of these will be added.


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