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RP, House & Lore Updates

Posted on 20-May-2020

As we're in the middle of a blood-filled AP rage, I thought I'd take a step away from the chaos for a second and look over the RP parts of the game. Major steps have been taken over the years to incorporate roleplay into the game, but done in a way that can be ignored by the vampires who don't care for it. Things like having major game locations having their own forum story section, the new RP panel, RP-only stats, Dead City Library and more. Today, we're going to take one step further with these new RP focused updates.

RP Characters
- RP characters can now marry other player's RP characters, including your own.
- Added the ability to leave a profile comments as one of your RP characters.
- Added the ability to leave comments on other RP characters profiles.
- Added RP character categories which include "main", "side", "seasonal" and "misc".
- RP character profiles can now support CSS code (VIP only)

- Made some general improvements to the overall layout.
- New 'House Bank' where you can now donate and withdraw RED and Plasma.
- You can now buy house VIP with RED and Plasma in the House Bank.
- Added a 0-99 ranking system (like covens) to go with name/colour options (owners can set themselves as 100).
- You can now arrange house forum boards like you can the coven forum boards.
- Fixed error with unable to upload new avatar on desktop.

Lore Panel & Library
Chapter 2 of the game's story is now available to read on the Lore Panel. All Chapters will now also be available to go back and read in full after you have gone through them for the first time. So you can get refreshed on chapter 1 before starting to read through chapter 2. Also, the Dead City Library is home to user submitted stories around the Reign Of Blood lore, and now, all posts can now be rated.


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