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September AP Rage Event

Posted on 27-Aug-2021

The August birthday party will continue through the first week of September with an AP Rage event. The schedule for the next couple of weeks are now on the Reign Of Blood Calendar and also listed below.

  • August 28th - Double Turns

  • August 29th - Double Blood, Double Coven Exp

  • August 30th - Triple PvP Blood, Double Turns, Double PvP Coven Exp

  • August 31st - Triple NPC Blood

  • September 1st - 7th - AP Rage

  • Starting right now until the end of AP Rage event on September 7th, an AP-filled VIP & Plasma special will be live.

    Also, don't forgot to enter the Dead City Rollers RP Contest to win QP and more before the end of the month.



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