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St. Patrick`s Day Event 2020

Posted on 11-Mar-2020

It's that green time of year again, so let's put on our hats, and party.


There is a small chance in battles against other vampires that you CLOVER them. When you clover them, you get Gold Coins.

Greenwood Loots

Leprechauns are running rampant at Greenwood. Find them and steal the Gold Coins they have on them to spend at the Pat Bar.

Pat Bar

Earn or find Gold Coins by Greenwood Looting or Clovering and use them to buy drinks at the Pat Bar.

Green Hats

Go grab yourself a green hat, put it on, and complete daily quests to upgrade it.

Special Packs

Special St. Patrick's day limited time packs are available, but they won't last long! They include all things green.

The St. Patrick's day event will officially start on Thursday 12th March, and run until the end of Tuesday 17th March. Head to the Dead City on mobile event page for full details. The special packs are available now.

Click here to check the special packs out >>

And finally, you can all enjoy a free Guinness on me when it opens up!


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