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Staying Safe On Reign Of Blood

Posted on 08-Dec-2018

Player safety has always been and will always be a top priority. A few months ago, I announced that Reign Of Blood would slowly transition from a 13+ game to a 16+ game. The time has come for the change to take effect, and for only 16+ people to be allowed to signup to the game. This does not mean that we're going to just kick our current 13-15 year old players off of the site. This phase will happen slowly as parental permission and other options are put into place to deal with the transition as it happens. Once implemented, it will lessen the burden of some aspects of moderation, although we acknowledge this is the internet, and people do and will lie. We will still take that into account.

If you feel you're being harassed, or if you're just plain being annoyed by another player to the point that it's affecting your enjoyment of the game, block them. Just go onto their profile, and click block. You will not see their social content (unless you specifically re-visit their profile). They will not be able to contact you via any of the game features.

After you have blocked a player, if they continue to try and get in contact with you (within the game) this is a direct violation of TOS 3.6. This includes all parties involved- they cannot send other people to contact you for them (third party harassment), nor should you be contacting them after you've blocked them. If someone you have blocked is still trying to contact you, report it by submitting a ticket. Not only may this result in jail time for the player trying to contact you, but a "harassment mark" is made on account. If a player gets a few of these, it will alert staff and further investigation and action will be taken.

I'd also like to make clear that what happens outside of the game, cannot be punished in-game. Any harassment in chats or messages on external websites or social apps such as Facebook, Discord, etc cannot be used as evidence. The game is designed for you to easily block people you don't want contact with. We cannot and will not take action or responsibility for what happens outside of the game.

If you feel someone should be reported, either because they are really creepy, or talked to you inappropriately out of the blue, just report them anyway. This doesn't apply if someone is just irritating you- being annoying isn't a reportable or jailable offense. Block them and move on. The time to report someone is when they've crossed that line into being inappropriate and making you uncomfortable.

Darion is written a full safety thread which you can read right here which outlines even more information.

The Reign Of Blood help page has been updated to include these safety and harassment policies.

Thanks, and be safe,

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