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The Orange Mass Comma Initiative Begins

Posted on 08-Apr-2018

This update includes a lot of numbers, if you're not a fan of numbers and happy with using the Reign Of Blood text boxes as they were before, you still can. Nothing has been taken away or changed - only enhancements have been made. At first glance it may seem crazy complicated, but it's really not!

A few weeks ago I made the announcement that I want to make the text boxes of Reign Of Blood more "smart". I followed that up with a discussion thread and happy to announce it has begun.

All these new text boxes (for now) have an orange border to show they have been upgraded. This will give a clear indication of the places in the game that have not yet been updated.

When you see a orange box, that means it has been upgraded to allow more user-friendly and fast inputs of numbers. At the moment, text boxes that require number inputs only accept full integer values. For example: 1000000. If you try to put anything else in there, it will throw up an error. So if you wanted to type out 1,000,000, you couldn't. Listed below is all the commands the new orange text boxes accepts.

Commas & Periods (Decimals)

We'll use the example of 1000000 (1 million) in this demonstration. In order to deposit $1million into your bank you would have to type in 1000000. But now, you can use commas or periods (decimals) within that number. So "1000000", "1,000,000" and "1.000.000" would be accepted. (Periods are fine because nowhere on RoB do we accept decimal numbers for anything, so there won't be any clashes.)

K's (Thousands)

You can now use "k" to signify thousands. So, if you wanted to deposit $10000 (or $10,000) you are now able to just type "10k". This works by replacing the letter "k" (both K and k will be accepted) with "000". So typing in 10k, would be read a 10000. This will technically work across the board, so even though you don't write 1 million as 1000k, it would still technically work.

Keep in mind that this K method only works with whole numbers. For example 10k, 50k, 88k. If you want to deposit 55,325, you would still have to write it all out.

Mils & Bils (Millions & Billions)

You can now use "mil" and "m" to signify millions and "bil" and "b" to signify billions. In this example, we'll focus on millions, but if you want to play with billions, just replace the M with a B.

So if you wanted to deposit $1000000 (or $1,000,000) you are now able to just type "1m" or "1mil" or 1million". This works by replacing the phrase "m", "mil" and "milion" with "000000". So, typing in 1mil (or 1 million), would be read a 1000000.

Also keep in mind that this too only works with whole numbers. For example 1mil, 3mil, 10mil. If you want to deposit 7,055,325 you would still have to write it all out.

$,Spaces & more

Some people do try and put $ in front of the number. So it will now strip that out and ignore it so even if you type "$10k" in the bank deposit box, it'll still work and read as 10,000. I will strip out all spaces so if you go something like "10 k" it'll still work also, the same with something like "1 000 000". I have also filtered out parentheses, so if you were copying someone's ID as (234523) then it will filter out the "(" and ")" instead of throwing up an error.

Caps etc

Depending on your own typing style, both lower and upper cases are supported. So you could take 10k or 10K, 1mil or 1MILLION should you desire.

I have created this new forum thread to report all text boxes that require a number input that have not yet upgraded (turned orange). If you find one, reply to the thread so I can get that one upgraded.

Coven Tour

As I announced on the forum today, I am starting a coven tour! View my blog if you would like me to come to your coven.


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