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Token Shop Updates + More (Part 7)

Posted on 13-Jan-2019

Conflict Layout

The Coven Conflict page has been given a new look. It gives a more compact overview of all the current coven conflict systems, and a new section at the bottom with recent results to showcase some of the recent top covens.

Token Changes

As I continue to work my way through the coven conflict system, today we're taking a good look at the Token shop.

Firstly, pending Tokens are now known as SEEDS. So, whenever you see "Tokens" now, that is referring to that is Tokens which can be spent. When you see "Seeds" that means they must be earned by the end of the week by participating in coven conflicts. At the end of the week those Seeds turn into Tokens. This will help stop some of the confusion between "Tokens" and "spendable Tokens", especially with features that give you "spendable tokens" right away.

The Coven Conflict page has a Token Shop section near the top, which now also shows the last Token Shop purchase that was made in the coven you're in. Here you can also see your coven's Seeds and Tokens. If you click through to the shop, you'll be greeted with some new options and a new Token guide at the bottom. Some of the prices have been adjusted (some have gone up and some of gone down) due to you being able to earn more Tokens, and there being more ways in the pipeline. As it stands now:

- You are given 100 Seeds. Complete 3 valid conflicts for them to be transferred into Tokens
- 10 Tokens each week by stealing any of the coven power relics
- Successful Raids earn 10% of enemy coven Seeds straight into Tokens
- Earn up to 90 Seeds for winning a full Coven Incursion

All relevant Token shop purchases now go into the coven member news (of people who have logged in in the past week). This includes the VIP day option and the boost options.

Two new options have been added to the Token Shop which allows covens to buy the most popular (by far) 10% boost purchase for 3 days and 7 days instead of having to buy them 24 hours at a time. The Token Shop will now also show how long is left for each of your purchases, if applicable.

War/Brawl Record

Ever wondered what your best War Score or Brawl Exp was? Now you can! A few weeks ago I started logging all coven's War Score and Brawl Exp. It's a stat available for each coven and it updates whenever you beat that score. You can view your coven's records on the coven stats page, and see the total top 5 on both the Coven War page and the Brawl Page page.



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