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Valentine Event 2018

Posted on 07-Feb-2018

It is that loving time of year again, and we have a bunch of loving features for you to enjoy.

Reigning Couple

The Reigning Couple contest will once again be upon us! Team up with any other vampire and pull hearts in your battles. Get your teams together before the 10th, because when the 10th Feb game time begins all hearts ripped will be counted until the end of the event on the 15th.

Heart Lockets

Buy and upgrade heart lockets through your daily quest rewards.

Give Love

Giving love is now easier than ever. Go to Dead City to give love to other vampires to increase the count on their profiles.

Heart Trade

Trade the hearts you've ripped in battle for Roses, which can then turn into very nice rewards indeed!

Special Valentine RP

Sunshine has started up a special Valentine RP thread named: My BLOODY Valentine. Click here to check it out.

VIP/Plasma Special

As always, a delicious VIP/Plasma special is now ready for your indulgent. Two special couples packs are also available to show your love to your in-game spouse.

Enjoy the event,


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