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Valentine Event 2024

Posted on 31-Jan-2024

Love is in the air once again! The Reign Of Blood Valentine event will begin on February 1st and run through February 15th. Over the 2+ weeks of fun-loving you'll be able to enjoy:

Reining Couples Content

It wouldn't be a Reign Of Blood Valentine's without a Reigning Couples contest! The 3-day event will take place on the 12th, 13th, and 14th. Couple up with any other vampire and rip hearts together. The higher you both rank together, the higher the rewards!

Give Love

The popular Give Love is back! Give Love to your favourite vampires and increase their love counters on their profiles.

Love Caps

Grab a love cap for bonus boosts and complete daily quests each day and upgrade them! These will be available from the 7th.

Love Heart Candy

There are 10 Love Heart candies you can get your hands on and enjoy. Rip hearts in battles and complete 'The Daily' quest and then trade them for Pink Tokens to spin and win Love Hears. Either consume your love hearts yourself or give them to your favourite vampire(s).

VIP/Plasma Special

Love yourself and indulge in one of the many special VIP & Plasma packs available throughout the event at the Game Store.

You'll be able to find all the Valentine's event content on your Calendar starting February 1st.


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