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February Calendar & Valentines Event (Pt 1)

Posted on 31-Jan-2021

Valentines Calendar & Event (Part 1)

The February calendar will open up on February 1st and last all month. Each day you can claim some free ingredients (explained below). But if you miss a day, you'll miss those ingredients. They'll also be scattered events and boosts throughout the month as well. Please make sure you're on new layout to see new calendar as its designed.

Love Potions

They'll be random drops of 3 different ingredients when you're battling, hunting in SV, feeding in VH and searching in GW. Those ingredients can be used to create Love Potions which you can drink. Starting Feb 1st you'll start finding these ingredients and your love potion fun can begin. If you go to the Love Potion page (via the Calendar), there will also be some questions you can answer for some free love potions.

The Reigning Couples Contest

As always, we're going to have a couples heart ripping contest. You can enter now. The 3 day contest will take place on the 12th, 13th, and 14th February. They'll be prizes for the top couples.

Give Love

Head onto a profile and you'll find the give love option is back! Spend your hard earned in-game money on showing your affection.

On a more personal note, I might be AFK for a little while and support responses might be slower, click here to read the details on that.

See you later in the month for part 2.


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