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Valentines Event 2022

Posted on 04-Feb-2022

Starting 5th February all the way through the 21st February, there will be plenty of love-themed features available for you to indulge in. Here we go!

Valentines Blood Thirst

On the 20th and 21st February, there will be a Valentine's themed Blood Thirst. You'll be able to enter this event in a week or so. If you don't know Blood Thirst is, it's a big battle event that happens only a few times a year that rewards very generously.

Reigning Couples

It wouldn't be Valentine's without a Reigning Couples contest. Pair up and collect hearts from vampire battles on the 12th, 13th, and 14th. You must be coupled up by the end of the 11th February to take part. Prizes for all the top couples!

Love Potions

Most vampires prefer when they can collect special items from several parts of the game. That includes battles, Greenwood, Spring Valley, and Vadenhill. That's exactly what you can do to make Love Potions. Find ingredients that make Love Potions that increase your stats. Keep an eye on the calendar for some free Yeasoot every day you login as well!

Love Lockets

Buy Love Lockets starting on the 7th and upgrade them from completing daily quests until the 15th for some extra seasonal boosts!

Give Love

A favourite feature that you all love to throw endless amounts of cash at is back! Show your love for other vampires by giving them love via the love counter on their profile. Who will be the most loved this year?

VIP/Plasma Special

Of course, an event isn't an event unless there's some bargains to have. Get extra VIP, Plasma, limited collectibles, and more by indulging in one of our special valentines packs.

The Valentine event will be located on your Calendar, and you can find the special VIP/Plasma packs right here.


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