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New Wedding Rings & Valentines Event (Pt 2)

Posted on 14-Feb-2021

Some new Valentines goodies coming your way, and also the top love givers and receivers are added to the love page. TLDR: You've not loved enough.

New Marriage Rings

Marriage has been part of Reign Of Blood since the very early days. We've seen divorce rates spike before I implemented changes for people to think twice instead of making rash decisions, and even more recently, given you the option to enter Sologamy when you come to the conclusion that nobody else is good enough.

Thanks to Aurora E. Renelle's fine art skills, we now have ring icons that can be used to represent your marriages. Taking into account the fact marriages are already active, the rings do work slightly unconventionally. Your rings are chosen after you've married. How it works is simple. You are in charge of buying your spouse's ring, and your spouse is in charge of buying your ring. Rings start at $10,000 and go all the way to $10million and 20 Plasma. Because, of course they do. A few other tweaks have been made to the Union Church while I was there, giving it a new look.

Click here to check out the new Union Church >>>

Hangover Lockets

The day after Valentine's day the love hangover starts, so starting February 15th, the hangover locket seasonal item will be available to purchase and upgrade via your daily quests throughout the week where daily quest rewards are doubled! I'm not a fan of double dipping, but this is great.

Love & War RP

Added to the February Calendar is this months RP story contest - In Love & War. Submit your love story for prizes at the end of the month.

VIP/Plasma Special

Starting today and ending February 25th, there will be a VIP/Plasma special full of bargain price Plasma, collectibles and love potions!

Click here to check out the packs >>>


P.S. We're looking for QOTD writers, forum mods, and billboard mods.

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