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Vampire Chat

Vampire Chat

Looking for a vampire game to chat with other vampires?

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Reign Of Blood has an active community and dedicated community staff to help new players get into and enjoy the game. Around the clock members of the community spend some time in the help chat where new players can go and get some start up help. With players that are always online willing to help, we can make sure you get into the game as quickly as possible.

Other than our help chats were offer various real time browser based chat rooms for you to chat to other online vampires. We don't use flash & IRC chats etc because they lag up browsers and don't work properly for all users. We use basic browser chat systems that work for every computer & mobile browser.

Some of the vampire chat rooms we have available are:

- General chat
- Adult Chat
- Various roleplaying chats
- Help chat
- Coven chats

If you're a keen chatter you'll love the chat features in Reign Of Blood.
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51 Online Vampires
Dedicated Developer
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PvP & PvE Battles
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Covens & Coven Wars
Hundreds Of Quests
Interactive Roleplay Features
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