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VIP Vampire Brennan Rego Mali...3,528,938
VIP Vampire Rey Astorr3,032,374
VIP Vampire Vladina PhDaeNigh...2,720,861
VIP Vampire Luric1,940,421
VIP Vampire Dreamweaver1,657,024
VIP Vampire Devon St. Cloud™1,289,490
VIP Vampire Atar of Mesopotam...1,233,096
VIP Vampire Okteivia kom Skai...1,194,423
VIP Vampire Sunny Orenda Sainte1,089
VIP Vampire Vladina PhDaeNight-Sainte1,083
VIP Vampire Nightshed1,022
VIP Vampire Daisy Ridderick700
VIP Vampire Ezri Gealtach™610
VIP Vampire Theli Salvatore605
VIP Vampire Harlequin Valentine595
VIP Vampire Bimy Phuri Dae592

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Token Shop Updates + More (Part 7)
Conflict Layout The Coven Conflict page has been given a new look. It gives a more compact overview of all the current coven conflict systems, and a new section at the bottom with recent results to showcase some of the recent top covens. Token Changes As I c... Read More >
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Token Shop Updates + More (Part 7)
Coven Relic Updates
2018 In Review
Christmas + AP Rage Event 2018
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