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Love vampire games? Play Reign Of Blood. Reign Of Blood is voted one of the top text-based vampire games online. We're carbon neutral and free-to-play.

A Devonshire-based British-made đŸ‡¬đŸ‡§ online vampire roleplaying game founded in 2006.
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Most Blood Sucked Today
VIP Vampire Devon St. James3,471,493
VIP Vampire V-Sif PhD Storm2,894,224
VIP Vampire Atar of Mesopotam...1,704,709
VIP Vampire Brennan Rego Mali...1,623,028
VIP Vampire Ra!ne Amaranhus1,595,979
VIP Vampire Queenie Happy Lil...944,735
VIP Vampire Dreamweaver868,796
VIP Vampire Lanslow Kreeg836,611
Most PvP Wins Today
VIP Vampire Clarice1,174
VIP Vampire Erella Voronoy1,009
VIP Vampire The Couness844
VIP Vampire Eric828
VIP Vampire Maktonite 764
VIP Vampire Duskrave Nightreave738
VIP Vampire Devon St. James712
VIP Vampire Bloody Tears650
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Recent Game Activity
Rank Up Katie (745038) ranked up and is now rank 11
Quest Herra Sainte (719068) completed 9 daily quests today
Rank Up Cara Emrick du Lac (743006) ranked up and is now rank 870
Rank Up Narkonel (745014) ranked up and is now rank 11
Rank Up Sick N Twizted Sainte (744521) ranked up and is now rank 427
Quest Drained (673175) completed 9 daily quests today
Quest Ryo de Pointe du Lac (731415) completed 9 daily quests today
Rank Up The Coun†ess (739439) ranked up and is now rank 525
Rank Up Theli (683201) ranked up and is now rank 2500
Quest The Coun†ess (739439) completed 9 daily quests today
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Game Highlights
53 Online Vampires
Dedicated Developer
Free To Play
No Downloads
PvP & PvE Battles
Regular Updates
No Resets
Covens & Coven Wars
Hundreds Of Quests
Interactive Roleplay Features
Forum & Chats
Customisable Profiles
Carbon Neutral Service
& So Much More!

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