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Reign Of Blood - The Best In Free Online Vampire Games

Reign Of Blood is an online vampire game, voted top vampire game and Vampire MMORPG
Join today and enjoy one of the most loved vampire games on the internet

Where the unsuspecting mortal becomes the most feared of Night's children; a vampire. Here you must keep your wits about you and train hard, for the Dead City is a deadly place, even for those Unliving. Grow stronger, swifter, and tougher, or be swallowed by the legions of the Mighty. Explore limitless options for advancement.
But, beware; Immortality does not come without its price...

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Top vampire blood suckers today
  1. Atar of Mesopotamia has sucked 643,889 blood
  2. Lanslow Kreeg has sucked 344,254 blood
  3. DarkMessiah has sucked 308,489 blood
  4. Michael has sucked 194,203 blood
  5. The Notorious PHMonkey has sucked 184,702 blood
  6. Fredrika @ WTF has sucked 153,228 blood
  7. RavenRouge has sucked 120,027 blood
  8. Khaleesi has sucked 117,674 blood
  9. ZH~AoN INVITU has sucked 109,920 blood
  10. Tiny has sucked 103,621 blood
Most vampire battles won today
  1. Fredrika @ WTF has 532 wins
  2. Lanslow Kreeg has 487 wins
  3. Vegeta Kisuke P. Aestus has 426 wins
  4. Harley Aurora Quinn has 400 wins
  5. Lord Stewart has 375 wins
  6. Sheri Phuri Dae INVITU has 330 wins
  7. Bimy has 329 wins
  8. CaliX Phuri Dae has 328 wins
  9. Khaleesi has 322 wins
  10. JamreiStark has 316 wins
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Vampire Game Highlights
  • 161 online vampires
  • 15 new vampires today
  • 39 new vamps yesterday
  • PvP/PvE battles
  • Pet fight tournaments
  • Explore many cities
  • Many unique quests
  • Achievements
  • Active forum & chat
  • Live roleplay features
  • Monthly competitions
  • Train, battle & explore
  • Unique trading features
  • Unique coven wars
  • & so much more